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Holiday Light Installation

Let us brighten your holiday season!

Take A Deep Breath And Let Us Brighten Your Holiday Season!

When the holidays come around there is a lot of thought that goes into decoration. From figurines, garland, and more there are different options available for decorating but the most popular is lighting!

There are many types of lights to go with the holidays from string lighting, lighted blow-ups, and more. Lighting makes a difference in both your decorations and events. A dull area can be brought to life with the right lighting and create a great atmosphere not to mention wonderful pictures!

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    Holiday Season Lighting

    When Christmas time comes around it is a time of joy, family, and of course Christmas lights! It is traditional to string lights everywhere
    around the home from top to bottom to show your holiday spirit.
    There are many places to install your Xmas lights for a brighter holiday season!
    residential lights

    Residential Holiday Lights

    Installing holiday lights around your home is one of the top places to expect. From your indoor Christmas tree to the outdoor railings, rooftops, and shrubbery.

    Climbing the roof can be a dangerous adventure and most holiday-related accidents stem from climbing on rooftops for light installation making it important to seek a professional to do the job. These lights can bring joy for not just your family, but the entire neighborhood during the holiday season.

    commercial light

    Commercial Holiday Lights

    Using lights during the holiday season is a great way to bring in business and show the community your holiday cheer!

    Every business can benefit from light installation and it can even be used to advertise your Christmas specials.

    Not only can using holiday lights brighten your business but having this display encourages other businesses to do the same which can bring the joy of the season to your community as a whole.

    home owner light

    Home-Owner Association Lighting

    When you live in an HOA community there are certain rules pertaining to your decorations. HOAs may only allow certain colors or patterns when decorating which can make it harder to do so.

    With the right lighting options, you can bring some holiday fun to your HOA community and be able to stay within the guidelines as expressed by your agreement.

    Christmas Lights US

    Bring a touch of lighting magic to your special event or holiday decorations!

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    Common Type of Lights

    Looking at holiday lights can be a mesmerizing experience, but finding the right lighting for you can have your eyes just as wide. There are many
    displays available at your local hardware stores and the options are unlimited!
    Below are some of the choices you have when picking the Perfect Holiday Lights!
    led bulbs

    LED Bulbs

    LED lights have become popular over the years because they don’t run off filaments.

    This makes them more efficient, durable and longer-lasting making them a great option for your holiday lighting. These holiday lights don’t burn out and stay cooler making them a safer option as well.

    Traditional Holiday Lights

    Traditional bulb holiday lights can add an amazing touch to your holiday decorating. These lights illuminate wherever they are installed because they are very bright and come in many different colors.

    These lights are a beautiful addition to any of your decorations and incredibly easy to install!

    led bulbs
    led bulbs

    Shaped Lighting

    Shaped holiday lights are a huge hit among family homes and businesses. This style of lighting is a fun way to show holiday cheer and give off a beautiful glimmer.

    There are different ways to have shaped holiday lights like a string of lights with small individual shapes or even just a lighted shape that is one piece.

    Shine Bright This Holiday Season

    Having the perfect lighting for your holidays is a way to bring cheer to family and friends. There are many options to choose from with shapes, types, and colors that finding the perfect lighting won’t be a hassle.

    There are many different lights to choose from to fit your needs whether you go small as an accent or go big with the whole house shining bright!

    Additional Services We Offer

    Our company name has Christmas in it, but that is not the only service we offer! Our team can
    help with additional services for other holidays and special occasions!

    Special Occasions

    Our team is dedicated to bringing you the perfect lighting for all your special occasions! From anniversary parties, weddings, prom, and more we can provide you with professional lighting at a budget-friendly price! We have different color options to fit any theme as well as shaped and specialty lighting to complete the look of your special event. Our company can provide services like spotlights that are perfect for anything from awards to first dances!


    Halloween season is the most frightful time of the year and that is the perfect opportunity to use unique lighting for your decorations! These spooky lights come in a variety of colors and designs with the most popular colors being red, orange, and purple. Having the perfect lighting is what can bring that extra fright factor to your Halloween decor. This seasonal lighting can be done all-around your home or business including the roof, windows, and shrubbery.

    Bringing joy and Brightening your
    Holiday Season!

    Why Choose Us?

    Below are some of the choices you have when picking the Perfect Holiday Lights!
    beautiful twinkling displays

    Beautiful Twinkling Displays

    Our displays are catered to your needs offering a wide variety of shapes, colors, and display options to bring beauty to your holiday season or event!

    top quality products

    Top Quality Products

    We guarantee the highest quality products for your holiday season or special event, so you don’t have to worry about bulbs burning out or falling short!

    licensed insured

    Licensed and Insured

    Installing seasonal and special event lighting can be dangerous, but our professionals are covered to ensure the safety of your home and everyone involved!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our company is committed to providing you quality lighting services at a budget-friendly price!
    Below are some of our frequently asked questions to help you find the perfect lighting!

    Do you have a portfolio of previous lighting displays?

    Our company has a wide variety of lighting services, which gives us a wide variety of displays to show in our portfolio. Finding the perfect lighting can be frustrating especially if you don’t have a clear vision. We can provide a portfolio for you to look at to not only help you see our services but to give ideas for your decor or event.

    What can I expect to spend on my holiday lighting?

    Holiday lighting can range in price depending on how much or how little lighting you’d like. Most homeowners look to have the trim of the rooftop and some shrubbery or trees done and this usually runs between $300 to $500. We offer a variety of packages that cater to many different budgets!

    What does your pricing cover?

    The price of all our packages includes the lights, installation, and removal. We ensure that all of our lights are in working condition and only use top-quality products to carry through the holiday season. Our professionals are worth the cost to guarantee the perfect holiday of event lighting done safely!

    Do I need to be home for my light installation?

    Our team does not require you to be home for your light installation. We make sure to meet with you to get a plan in place for your lighting expectations. We can email, text, or call in advance so you will know your lights are being installed, but we don’t require you to be present and can work around your schedule.

    Areas We Service

    We have a range of massage services available in order to deliver quality results no matter the basis of your Lighting Needs.